Blogging Tip

Blogging Tip

Blogging Tip

Here’s a little blogging tip for you.

Have you ever been out on the Internet doing research, reading blogs, etc and read blogs with poor grammar and spelling?  When I start reading an article and see misspelled words, things that should be capitalized and aren’t, my mind starts correcting the mistakes and it takes away from the reason I went to that article. The information I went there to get.

I have done that in the past. You know, gotten in a hurry and just wrote my article on the fly and posted it only to find out from one of the readers that there were errors in it. Kind of embarrassing. And in some cases irreversible. This blogging tip post can help.

Blogging tip 1 – There is an easy way to fix that. What I do is use Microsoft Word, (any good word processor will work), to initially type out my document or content. By doing this, with the spell checker and grammar checker active, it shows me where I have misspelled words or grammar issues. And in most cases, will automatically correct the error on the fly. I then copy and paste the article, or content where I will be using it.

Blogging tip 2 – At a minimum I would recommend proof reading my content before I post it. It makes for a better read for the people reading and makes understanding what you are trying to say that much easier. If you are using a blog as a place to do business or sell something, doesn’t it make sense to make it as easy for people to understand as possible? And not only that, but by making sure your spelling and grammar are as good as they can be, it will look professional and be more appealing to the readers.

Even after I have created my document in the word processor, using blogging tip 2, I always go back and read through it. Word processors are great and catch a lot. But they don’t catch everything. And then once I have it posted, I usually have someone else read through it just to make sure. That way, I get another opinion on things and sometimes even a suggestion or two as how to best phrase things.

This is not only good to use for blogs, but with any article you may be writing to post to things like ezine directories, advertising sites, promotional web sites. Really, anything you do online.  People will find it much more pleasurable to read your material without all of the misspelled words and poor grammar.

Another nice thing about using word processors is that it doesn’t take that much more time to type an article, ad, or any other content, than doing it directly from the blog site or wherever you are going to put your content. The only time difference is the copy and pasting. And that only takes a couple of seconds to do.

So do yourself a favor and take the extra time, use a word processor to create your document before posting it to the web. If you have good content that people want, this blogging tip will increase your followers and readers considerably.

Happy Blogging, Article Writing, Etc,



blogging tip

blogging tip

blogging tip

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2 Responses to “Blogging Tip”

  1. Bob Riddell says:

    Hey Bill,

    Great content as usual…yep I have to use a word processor with spell check…can type pretty fast but heck on the spelling and grammar.

  2. Rex Harris says:

    Spoken like the true CHAMPION of proof reading that you are! My stuff would be a mess if it wasn’t for your keen visual proliferation… LOL! Great article Mr. Bill! Spelling does count!

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